Luxury vinyl plank

   Luxury vinyl plank is not new to the industry. LVP has been around since the 40's as a glue down product and was typically in a hardwood look.

   Today you'll find this category in plank and tile look, as well as glue down and clic products. They can come with or without attached pad and are very easy to install as a DIY. 

   With the lack of qualified installer, this category has taken off with professional installers and especially homeowners alike. When shopping for such a product remember to ask about wearlayer. Wearlayer is the surface you walk on and many products can be inferior and offer only a .10mil layer, which will not hold up to heavy traffic ie kitchens.

  Look for products that have at least a .20mil wearlayer as these products are more resistant to heavy traffic and commercial areas.

  Also keep in mind the type of texture on the surface as some products are more realistic then others. Registered embossed wearlayers are more realistic because the grain in the pattern matches the surface on top and will be more expensive then products that just have a plain texture on top.

   Last but most importantly is to shop with independent retailers who are more qualified to help you make the right choice and have the qualified installers to do the job right the first time.