Cape Breton Carpet Sales & Installation

If you are looking for a variety of styles, textures and designs, then carpet is your answer. Nothing makes a home feel more cozy and comfortable than the warm, soft feel of carpet under your feet. Burton Flooring offers a wide variety of carpet choices, as well as top-notch installation and carpet binding services for St. Louis homeowners. View Burton's large Carpet Collection of Anything Goes! By Shawmark.
Not only do we specialize in carpeting your home, but also your office, workspace or commercial setting as well. Burton Flooring offers a wide range of carpet fibers and styles that will meet your durability requirements as well as your budget.
A few of the main types of carpeting choices offered by Burton include:
⦁ Frieze (pronounced “friz-ā”) or Twisted actually starts out as a plush texture. Then, through a heat setting process (much like when you get a perm hairstyle), the yarn is crimped and twisted to give it its casual trademark texture. Heat setting causes the yarn to be a bit more resilient and oftentimes more durable than other types of carpet. But many find it to be extremely comfortable.
⦁ Texture Carpet features a smooth, level surface that provides the ideal blend of soft comfort and traditional style. Its distinguished cut pile surface shows subtle highlights and tones of color. A great “whole house Carpet” by design, the Texture Carpet can complement every area of your home.
⦁ Nylon is as durable as wool but costs a lot less. It is not only soft but it is really good at resisting stains.
⦁ Olefin is a good choice for indoor and outdoor use since it is durable and water resistant. It is usually a low pile carpet and is less resilient than nylon.
⦁ Polyester has a soft texture and people tend to like it because of its luxurious thick
pile. It is less expensive then Nylon and around the same price as Olefin.
⦁ Acrylic is carpet that looks and feels like wool, but it doesn’t come with wool’s price tag. Acrylic is usually used in areas where moisture and mildew are an issue, places like bathrooms or sometimes a basement. Acrylic is used in these areas because it is moisture and mildew resistant. You will notice that after a while it becomes fuzzy so keep that in mind when deciding on your flooring needs.
Burton Flooring also offers Carpet Binding services, which is a cotton or synthetic based material that is sewn to the edges of a piece of carpet. This is done to improve how the carpet looks and to keep the edges of the carpet from unraveling or becoming frayed. Carpet Binding is great for those pieces of carpet that are left over from every room installation. Use these pieces as rugs in doorways and entrances to help reduce wear and tear on the installed carpet.
Always keep in mind the area that you are carpeting, whither they be indoor, outdoor, high traffic, or moisture zones. Each carpet suits a need so talk with one of Burton’s knowledgeable staff members to choose which one is right for you.
Ok, the easy part is over and the real fun begins. Burton flooring has a wide selection of carpet colors, designs, styles and textures for you to choose from, and we will be here to guide you every step of the way.
Call Burton Flooring of Sydney Mines at 902-736-2302 for a quick quote so you can start enjoying that cozy floor you deserve.