Why Burton

Why Choose Burton Flooring of Sydney Mines?

Glenn & Edna Burton, the owners and co-founders of Burtons Flooring, began their work in the carpet industry in late 1997.  Edna Burton who is known for her friendly and helpful advice will walk you through the many selections available at Burton's Flooring.  Glenn has worked as an installer for many years and knows what quality means not only to himself but to the customers he serves and therefore craftsmanship and professionalism are pivotal in the service we provide.

All of Burton’s installers hold the same values of quality craftsmanship and utmost professionalism in every job they do.   Glenn  has bestowed in his employees that quality craftsmanship and professionalism is what he and his customers both want and, furthermore, nothing short of that will be acceptable.

To keep everything running smooth, Burton Flooring staffs an office of very conscious employees (Glenn, Edna, Johnathon, Jordon, Sandy, Billy-Joe), all with prior years of experience in the flooring industry.  Burtons can assure you will have a quality professional flooring installation that you will love for years to come.


Burton Flooring provides an array of services:

Ceramic floor installation
Hardwood & Laminate floor installation
Vinyl and Carpet floor installation
Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash
Ceramic bathroom floor, shower, walls


Burton Flooring of Sydney Mines cares about our environment. That is why we promote a wide range of environmentally friendly products.

Call Burton today at 902-736-2302 for a free quote and start your journey to the perfect flooring you deserve.  When it comes to flooring, you name it we can do it! 

Burton's Flooring, flooring you can feel good about.