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Herringbone Collection
6 colors

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About Herringbone

Herringbone is the most popular of the classic parquet patterns. The Laurentian Hardwood Herringbone Collection takes this classic pattern and modernizes it with European influenced colours and a contemporary brushed matte finish. The colour range and light wire brushed surface softens the look of the flooring. Herringbone is designed to guide the eye to a focal point in your interior, creating more movement on the floor, and making any space feel more open. With its impressive size of 120mm x 600mm (4.72” x 23.62”), the Herringbone Collection is much grander in scale compared to traditional Herringbone that normally has planks of half this size.

Laurentian Hardwood - Herringbone has a total of 6 beautiful flooring variations to match your living space.

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